Did I mention that I love Red Gate’s Data Generator?

April 30, 2008 at 12:33 pm (Tools, TSQL) (, , , )

Because I do. I’m working on a set of tests for an article comparing TOP, MAX & ROW_NUMBER. I have a simple data structure and I need a bunch of data in order to create my tests. I wanted that data to be distributed a certain way, to mimic some production system behavior I’ve seen in the past. Last night I got it all set by mucking about with the seed values of the various columns to get it just right and load up millions of rows in only a few minutes and doing this all on my lap top. Great tool!

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  1. AJ said,

    The tool is indeed quite impressive. However, I missed a pretty important functionality (according to me) and that being generating data for a table by in proportion to itself. For e.g. If I have to increase the number of rows of a tables by 30% of itself…I couldn’t find an option. I have an option of increasing table A to 30% of table B….but not table A itself. I used an evaluation copy…not sure if this feature is available on a licensed copy.

    Also, it would be helpful if…while working with a table which takes looooonger than estimated…it should skip it & move to the next one…and mention that in the final report…and not show zero activity in the progress bar. But this occurs perhaps with databases that have a few design flaws.

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