VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR: First Impressions

June 10, 2008 at 12:37 pm (Tools, Visual Studio)

Since I have to work through this thing to set up a test project to verify our build & deployment processes with the new tool (see my teeth grinding post below) I might as well post a spot evaluation of the tool as I go through it.

I’m creating a new database project (and I’d rather not talk about that). Rather than go through a wizard, I decided to create a blank database project and now I’m capturing the database by using the new Schema Compare. It looks mostly the same. One new thing that came up immediately is a “Permissions” folder. It has all the GRANT CONNECT, GRANT EXECUTE ON SCHEMA that I had in my database. In the 2005 version of VSTS, we maintained this stuff in post deployment scripts. I’ll see how we’ll be doing in the future.

Looking through what was created now. The “Storage” folder has a new folder inside it for “Files.” That used to be a part of the Project properties. So I jumped to there. Some changes. “Database Properties” and “File Groups” tabs are gone. There’s a new “Build” tab. “Static Analysis” has been renamed “Code Analysis” which makes sense.

OK. This is getting too detailed. I’ll be here all day. I’m going to focus on the specifics of build & deployment. If you need more info on what changed, go here, read the overview.

The new deployment processes seem wonderful. I’m creating multiple configuration files for database settings, deployment settings and sql command variables. These will allow me to define different behaviors on different servers and control it all through the configuration settings. Great stuff. I’ve already gone through it all and set it up. It’s easy. Unfortunately, it’s not working. I keep getting successful builds, but the deploys stop because of a warning about the collation settings being different between the project and target database. Unfortunately, I don’t have a target database. I’m trying to create one. Something is up. I’ll post more once I kick this.

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VSTS 2008 Database Edition GDR

June 10, 2008 at 10:17 am (Visual Studio) (, , )

OK. I’m jazzed about this. I’m diving in to test it out & try it out. <kicking desk> I can’t convert existing projects to it… CRUD!

Fine. Reverse engineering a database and then building all the customizations by hand will be a good learning experience. Yes, that sound you hear is my teeth grinding, not tectonic plates shifting… CRUD!

A quick & easy test, no real work was that too much to ask?

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Visual Studio Team Edition for Databases 2008

June 10, 2008 at 10:05 am (SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio) (, , , )

Great news. All the processes we had created for automating our deployments and builds in VSDB 2005 work in VSDB 2008. Bad news. All the work arounds and crutches we had to figure out and maintain are still necessary. I’ve heard that it makes the MS guys crazy, but we found that the only way to get the configurations to work with VSDB 2005, and now 2008, was to check-in the .USER file along with the code. This then needed to be checked out of source control, replacing the local copy (and heaven help you if you don’t use a forced get on the check out) before doing any work with the project.

I did a full build & deploy from 2008 through our usual batch file. No problems at all.

Ah well, it makes getting my presentation together for PASS easier since I won’t have to radically change anything.

That assumes that there are no show-stoppers in the new GDR version. I’m going to check on that now.

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