SQL Server 2008 Install

August 15, 2008 at 1:14 pm (SQL Server 2008) (, , )

I just finished the install of SQL Server 2008 RTM on my laptop. No real issues except that it wanted SP1 of Visual Studio installed before it would complete. Once I had that done, everything was up and running. The new install routines are nicer than the old ones if a bit more detailed.

My desktop is another matter. SQL Server 2008 objected to a SQL Server 2005 Express install. I removed that. It still thinks Express is installed. I’m removing all of SQL Server 2005 to see what happens.  The error reported was pretty non-helpful.

This is a bit odd since the laptop also has a copy of Express installed.

Well, uninstalling all things SQL Server didn’t work. Sql2005SsmsExpressFacet is failing. It simply states: “The SQL Server 2005 Express Tools are installed. To continue, remove the SQL SErver 2005 Express Tools.” Time for a bit of research.


  1. Jack Corbett said,

    Hey Grant, I bet you have SQLPrompt installed. That leaves a registry key that makes the 2008 install think Express is still there. Here’s a link that tells you where is it: http://sqlblogcasts.com/blogs/sqldbatips/archive/2008/08/14/sql-2008-install-blocked-on-express-tools-but-actually-due-to-sql-prompt.aspx

    I think Red Gate has a fix.

  2. scarydba said,

    I wish I’d seen that before I uninstalled every freaking piece of 2005 from my desktop. Grr!

    Thanks for the pointer.

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