A Scary DBA Poll for Samhain (aka Halloween)

October 31, 2008 at 9:01 am (Misc)


  1. Jack Corbett said,

    Wow, this was a tough choice. There are at least 3 I fear. I have a hard time saying developers because I do some of that as well.

  2. scarydba said,

    Yeah, it came down to developers or zombiepocalypse for me… I went with developers. It just seems more likely I’ll run into them.

  3. Gail said,

    SOX. Definitely, without hesitation.

    The auditors. The stupid and impractical rules. The piles of paperwork. The consequences it something’s missed, etc, etc.

  4. matt said,

    I’d agree with Gail if it were “Sox AUDIT”. But – I fear the barbarians at the gate more…….

  5. ndflanagan said,

    SOX & audits waste more time than most. Developers trying to fix mistakes before contacting DBAs come a very close second.

  6. scarydba said,

    What, no one is scare of Godzilla? You young people. No gol-darned respect.

  7. RBarryYoung said,

    Failed Backups, definitely. they are so much more common than most IT professionals suspect.

    Developers: well, I am one as well as a DBA, so no worries there.

    SOX & auditors never bothered me much. I’ve been dealing with MIS audits for 30 years and for some reason I have always gotten along great with the auditors. I find that they are a great way to convince my customers of the importance of certain things.

    As for SQL Server Service Packs? Ah, the joys of being a consultant…

    Now Windows Service Packs, they scare the heck out of me. I get hosed by them all the time!

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