Still more on Andy Warren and the Pass Board

November 12, 2008 at 8:57 am (PASS) (, )

This sounds like it might have been an interesting phone call. Just the sound of it points out why I think Andy would be a great addition to the board (along with someone else I know. I’ll start lobbying for him when I find out whether or not he’s on the ballot this year). He has ideas.

Now, I don’t mind working. I’ll certainly pitch in and help out. I even lead efforts. I don’t have ideas. Andy clearly does. If no other concept stood out, the ninety days & out approach to trying out some new stuff in PASS sounded like a great idea.

It would have been interesting to listen in to the phone call. I’m also impressed with the method of vetting people for the board. I agree that we need to make sure people are actively involved with SQL Server and are capable of meeting basic board requirements, but it almost sounds like there is a “does he fit in with us” mentality that, I’m not sure there should be on a board like this. Maybe I’m wrong, but on a team like this, having some differing points of view and approaches is probably worth more than the friction it will cause costs. Then again, I’m not in management. I’m just a geek.

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