PASS Summit Day 1

November 19, 2008 at 9:28 pm (PASS) ()

What a day. I’m not going to do justice to the keynote. First off, the room was frigging huge (not Tech-Ed huge, but enormous for PASS). It was pretty full too. The keynote wasn’t terribly exciting, but it was terribly interesting. Watching 150tb databases process queries in less than 30 seconds is not something you see every day. Of more interest to me was the info on the new deployment mechanisms across database “fabrics” coming up with the new version of SQL Server (yes, it’s at least two years away, but it’s only two years away). It pretty clearly incorporates some of VSDB, but it’s also a bit different. It includes data for example. This will be something for me to keep an eye on.

My first session was with Allen White. He gave an introductory session on PowerShell. It was pretty good. My last session was also with Allen White. Here he went quite a lot farther (further?) with the same information. It was much better once he hit the higher level example scripts. In between I hit the vendor floor, which is MUCH smaller than in previous years despite the fact that attendence is up so much. Clearly, the economy is affecting everything and everyone. My user group may be hurting on new SWAG this year.

I presented at PASS for the first time this year. I have to say, I had a blast. A little too much of a blast. I went so fast, I blew through my slide deck in 45 minutes. I then spent 1/2 an hour just talking deployments, VSDB, and process, answering questions & comments from the audience. I think it went over reasonably well. I sure hope it did. I had enough fun, I’d love to come back next year. We’ll see how the evals go. I’ll post some pictures when I get home. I brought the camera, but I forgot the cord to connect it to the computer.

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PASS Summit: Tuesday Night Parties

November 19, 2008 at 11:44 am (PASS) (, )

I visited at three. I went to the Opening Night Reception hosted by the SIGs of course. I kept score in the quiz bowl (I wasn’t informed math would be involved). Nice enough party. It was a big room, but we mostly filled it up. Went over to the SQL Server Central party next. Steve still puts on a nice shindig. I tried finding other SQL Server Central posters, but didn’t track any others down except for GilaMonster (Gail Shaw). I put all my money on the craps table, 30:1, a single roll of the dice. I guess there is a reason those odds are so high. I had an invite to the Solid Quality Mentors party, so I went over there. It was a little overly crowded (I almost knocked over one poor woman who shot daggers out of her eyes at me for the rest of the night). I got a chance to talk with a few people who I’d never met before and spent a little time with Itzik (is my nose still brown?). Nice guy as well as scary smart. Allen White, Adam Machanic, and Martin Schmidt (tall, good gosh he must be nearly 7 feet).

This morning, off to the Summit. Presenting at 3PM.

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