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I hate that these things come out on April Fool’s Day, but it’s true. I was awarded MVP. I’ve logged into the site & everything so it must be true.


  1. Gail said,

    Many congrats.

    Party time!

  2. Jack Corbett said,

    Awesome! And definitely earned.

  3. scarydba said,

    Thanks. I’d be telling really big fibs if I said I wasn’t excited.

  4. Steve Jones said,

    Congratulations. You deserve it.

  5. SQL Server Central said,

    […] According to his blog, it’s not a joke. And it shouldn’t be. Between the excellent book he wrote on execution plans, his work for PASS, and regular contributions on SQLServerCentral helping people in the forums, Grant is a great choice for MVP. Comments There are no comments on this post Leave a Comment Only members of SQLServerCentral may leave comments. Register now for your free account or Sign-In if you are already a member.   […]

  6. tjaybelt said,

    awesome to hear. you so deserve it. I’m thrilled for ya.

  7. Christopher said,

    Congrats Grant, you definitely deserve it :-)

  8. Gail said,

    Nothing wrong with being excited. I was grinning like an idiot for an entire week (or so my colleagues told me).

  9. scarydba said,

    Thanks everyone.

    Gail, someone told me I looked two inches taller. It’s almost as exciting as getting my black belt… almost.

  10. RBarryYoung said,

    Grant! Grant! Grant! Grrraaaannnnttt!!!

    Way to go Grant!!! I always wondered why you weren’t already an MVP, about time I guess. :-)

  11. Adam Machanic said,


  12. scarydba said,


    Thanks. Hey, have you submitted to PASS yet?

  13. scarydba said,

    Thanks Adam.

  14. SQL Server Central said,

    […] today on his blog at Well earned in my opinion between his participation with PASS, SSC, and his book writing. […]

  15. Vijaya Kadiyala said,


  16. Sam said,

    Congrats ScaryDBA!!!

  17. scarydba said,


  18. Lynn Pettis said,

    Congratulations Grant! A well deserved honor!

  19. Doc said,

    Congrats Grant!!!
    Well deserved.

  20. Phil Factor said,

    Bless you Grant,

    You’ve worked really hard. The Execution Plans book is a really useful and simple to read, and it is nice to see that effort acknowledged.

  21. scarydba said,

    Thanks Lynn & Doc.

    This is all a bit overwhelming and really, terribly humbling.

  22. scarydba said,


    Thank you very much. It’s hard to feel worthy of this and at the same time I’m still doing a happy dance. I appreciate people of your caliber acknowledging it.

  23. Ramesh said,

    Wow!!! Grant, Congratulations!!! You really deserved it long time back.

  24. scarydba said,

    Thanks Ramesh.

  25. ALZDBA said,

    Congratulations Grant!
    Now you have the right to be a scary dba ;)

  26. scarydba said,

    Thanks ALZDBA. I was plenty scary before the award, but having a little more weight in the stick sure doesn’t hurt… me.

  27. Gail said,

    I’m told that the ‘I’m not worthy of this’ feeling goes away after a year or so.

  28. scarydba said,

    Like becoming a black belt. I hear the words “Bow to the black belts” and I still start looking around the dojo for people to bow to instead of realizing I’m supposed to be bowing back to others (although, yeah, the black belts do bow to each other as well).

    I hear MVP and I’m going to be looking for you, Adam, Steve, whoever Phil’s alter ego is, Itzik and all those guys.

  29. RBarryYoung said,


    OMG, I am so far behind in everything! I am in the middle of a project that I am 3-5 days behind on. Plus, I have a SIG presentation on Injection & Dynamic SQL to write by Wednesday, plus I have to finish installment #2 of my series on re-coding Cursor routines for Steve that I am at least a week behind on (installment #1 comes out on the 14th). Plus I have PSS proposals due by Friday. PLUS, it’s Easter week, which means I have a bunch of extra things going on this week.


  30. Gail said,

    I know what you mean. I’ve been teaching the last month cause Sensei’s been away (in New York actually) and it just felt so odd sitting in front of the class for the starting formalities.

    I hear MVP and I think of Kalen, Itzik, Geoff, Kimberly, Adam, Greg Low, that bunch.

  31. Gaby Abed said,

    Congrats! Have to start focussing on getting my blog in order (not set up yet, hence no site). They say one of the best ways to learn is to teach. Getting my thoughts on “paper” should allow me to focus on the essentials more easily.

  32. Chris Morris said,

    Grant, like Jeff and Gail, so richly deserved and for so long. Accessibility marks you guys out from everybody else – the accessibility of SSC and the accessibility of your truly professional expertise from within it. You raise the bar.

  33. Jack Corbett said,

    Wow, Chris just raised the bar in congratulations! Very well put Chris.

  34. scarydba said,

    Wow, Chris. Thanks. Honestly I just try to learn a little and help where I can. I’m glad it’s appreciated. Since I still rely on Jeff & Gail I feel a little funny being put in their company, but thanks again.

  35. Krishna Potlakayala said,


    Congratulations on your achievement.

    I thought you were already a MVP for your contributions to the SQL society. You well deserve it.

    Well Done!!!

    Krishna xx

  36. scarydba said,

    Thanks Krishna.

  37. Roy Ernest said,


    So when is the party? Yohooooooo!!!

    Congrats Grant. You deserved it. Now get on to your job and start helping me solve my problems…. Heheheheheh
    Once again Congrats Grant.

  38. scarydba said,

    Thanks Roy. I thought the party was at your house. That’s where I’ve been sending everyone.

  39. Greg Larsen said,

    Congrats on the MVP award. It is well desired. Also enjoyed your book. Red-Gate was nice enough to provide me copies for my Olympia Area SQL Server User Group

  40. Greg Larsen said,

    Dang, I hate when I notice a typo after I’ve already submitted a comment. “It is well desired” should have been “It is well deserved”. But I’m sure it is also well desired by some as well.

  41. scarydba said,

    Thanks Greg. I’m really glad you liked the book. There’s a new one on query tuning. Contact Apress. They should send it out to you. Let me know if they don’t and I’ll see what I can do on my end.

  42. Jeff Moden said,

    Dang it! I don’t know how I missed this one. Congratulations, Grant! Very well deserved!

  43. scarydba said,

    You didn’t hear the screams out there in MI? I received enough complaints.

    Thanks Jeff.

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