December 22, 2009 at 8:32 am (Misc)

I’ve been somewhat light in my blogging of late. Unfortunately, I just haven’t hit any interesting or difficult problems lately that were worth sharing. I’ll try to break one of our production systems in an interesting way very soon so that I’ve got something to write about, even if it’s how to look for a new job.


  1. Michael J Swart said,

    Hey, don’t worry about it. Apology accepted :-)

  2. Chuck Boyce said,

    Your commitment to our community, Grant, is heart warming. I feel the love.

  3. SuperDBA said,

    HEy! Maybe talk about how being proactive can keep things from breaking…

  4. scarydba said,

    Thanks for all the encouragement guys. You know what Super, that’s a great idea.

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