Seacoast SQL Users Group

April 12, 2010 at 1:03 pm (Misc) (, , , )

Tomorrow is the Seacost SQL Server User’s Group inaugural meeting. I’ll be presenting a session called “Understanding Execution Plans.” It’s my introductory session on execution plans and I love giving it. Please come by and support this new user group. Mike Walsh (blog | twitter), the new user group president, is under the impression I draw a big crowd. While that isn’t true, please show up anyway just so that Mike has a successful first meeting. I promise a bit of free stuff. Remember, interactivity is bribed encouraged.



  1. Gary Mazzone said,

    I told them you were an excelent speaker grant

  2. Mike Walsh said,

    About 50 have RSVP’d (actually 51 right now), they aren’t there to look at my quickly balding head, free pizza is not a good enough motivator to prolong the work day so I can only presume it is because of you they are RSVPing.

    I say, it will be a successful meeting already. We’ll have more than a handful of people in the same place interested about bettering their knowledge and SQL Server skills. Maybe some DBAs at various companies on the Seacoast will be pleasantly surprised by the rash of developers actually looking at query plans ;-)

    Really looking forward to seeing you talk again, Grant. Excellent presenter.

  3. scarydba said,

    Exciting stuff. See you this afternoon!

  4. Mike Bishop said,

    Really a great presentation. Wish you had more time. You made a reference to a lady that did another great presentation on Statistics – Could I get her name and contact into, email, blog, etc.

    Thanks again, Grant.

  5. scarydba said,

    Thank you. I do love that topic.

    Yes, Gail Shaw is her name. She blogs at SQL In the Wild, which you can see in the blog roll on the right. She has several articles on performance tuning methodology over at simple-talk. She’s a regular on SQL Server Central as “gila monster.” Her presentation at the last summit on statistics was amazing.

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