Steve Jones to Run for PASS Board

July 16, 2010 at 2:24 pm (PASS) (, , , , )

I couldn’t hide the lead. Steve Jones (blog|twitter) has announced he’s running for the PASS board. I’m excited. I’m almost as excited as if I were going to run. Steve is not simply a major influencer in what we call the SQL Community. He brings two things to the party that I think are going to make him very successful on the board. First, he gets things done. He just does. He’s one of those guys that seems to keep it together, just enough, to accomplish stuff. Second, he has real ideas. He’s not someone who is simply going to iron out a wrinkle or three at the Summit. He’s going to propose stuff that will make a difference. Put those two things together and I think we’ve got reason to celebrate.

Help me out here. Spread the word on this. We need people to be aware of who Steve is and what he does.


  1. Glenn Berry said,

    Steve will be great on the PASS board!

  2. Jason Brimhall said,

    I think this is a good move too!

  3. Vote For Steve « 36 Chambers – The Legendary Journeys: Execution to the max! said,

    […] pm I’m not actually a member of PASS (one of these years…), but if I were, I’d vote for Steve Jones.  If I were the type to vote for such things…  He’s done a great job with […]

  4. Nigel Sammy said,

    That is great news. I know that Steve would be a great addition to the PASS Board. Good Luck Steve.

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