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August 23, 2010 at 9:39 am (PASS) (, , )

There are a lot of things I’d like to say about the PASS elections. I was on vacation last week when the news about the slate of candidates broke. I’ve gone through a lot of emotions thinking about this, which is funny, because, really, what does it matter? But, because of the people, and let’s face it, PASS is nothing without the people involved, it does matter. But, I’ve decided to say as little as possible because I’m not convinced I can add constructively to the conversation and that is what is most needed at this time.

First, I want to endorse a few candidates. The people I’m going to endorse, I’m endorsing because I know them personally. I’ve worked with them, I’ve talked to them, I’ve read their stuff. I know these guys. None of this is to question the other people on the slate, their abilities or character, but these are the ones that I can personally recommend. So, I suggest you vote for, in no particular order, Andy Warren (blog|twitter), Allen Kinsel (blog|twitter) and Geof Hiten (blog|twitter).

Finally, the one person I would have liked to have endorsed, because he’s the guy who got me involved with the SQL Server community, who gave me chances to write, who always promoted the Summit, who gave away SQL Saturday to the PASS organization, who has acted in many ways that are positive for our community… well, anyway, I can’t endorse him because he’s not on the slate. I’ve heard the explanations for why that’s true and I still don’t understand it. But, since he’s taking the high road on this, I’ll follow along and refrain from further comment.

Be sure, if you’re eligible, that you vote in the PASS elections. This stuff can be important if you care about the community and the people involved.


  1. Andy Warren said,

    Grant, thank you for the endorsement, I appreciate it and will try to live up to it. As to the rest, I agree with you, and hope you’ll help us fix it for next time so there is no ‘disconnect’ about what qualities we evaluate in determinnig nominees.

  2. scarydba said,

    Hey Andy, in your case, it’s whether or not I can live up to you. I appreciate everything you’ve done over the last two years. You’ve made a huge difference to the organization. I’m going to hide from volunteering until the Summit, but then, I want a job.

  3. Allen Kinsel said,

    Grant, I appreciate the vote of confidence, It is appreciated. I hope I can live up to yours & the communities expectations of the incoming board and serve well. As for the process that got us here, I hope we can all work together to make it better for next year so that this doesnt become an annual disturbance in the force.

  4. Allen Kinsel for PASS Pass Board of Directors | Allen Kinsel - SQL DBA said,

    […] The ScaryDBA recommendation […]

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