SQL Saturday in New England

October 4, 2010 at 9:41 am (PASS, SQLServerPedia Syndication) (, , , , , )

Adam Machanic (blog|twitter) has put on a SQL Saturday/Data camp event in New England for the last two years. I’ve helped him both years. It’s been very successful. In January we had over 300 attendees, making it one of the larger SQL Saturday events. But, with a single exception (thank you Tim Ford (blog|twitter)), we’ve only had local speakers. Mind you, we’re somewhat lucky with speakers here in New England and have several MVPs and others who are truly excellent when presenting.

I’m taking over from Adam to lead the effort for this year, and due to my schedule we’re moving the event to the spring sometime. We were thinking about maybe making it the the weekend before SQL Rally. But, I’ve got a question for all of you who present at SQL Saturday events. Will you show up? Will you be more, or less, likely to come if it’s near SQL Rally. Will you be likely to come, period, full stop? While I strongly believe Adam has put on a magnificent show for two years running, for some reason we just haven’t received the community lovin’ that the other SQL Saturday events have had. Since I’m the one in charge (although Adam is still pitching in, and I’m getting help from the magnificent Mike Walsh (blog|twitter)), I’d like to make it as good a show as Adam has, so I need the other great presenters to show up, in addition to our fantastic local talent.

Comments, suggestions, questions, feedback?

PS: I hate asking questions like this on the blog, but I’m trying to collect some information so I can make a decision. Feedback is a gift, so if you want skip buying me a present for Yule this year, post a comment.


  1. Steve Jones said,

    I’ll try to be there, but definitely it will depend on the date. The sooner you decide, the easier it is to try and get up there.

  2. Arie Jones said,

    I would definitely be interested in coming. Like Steve the sooner you get the date out there the sooner we all can make plans. Heck, I have given 8 presentations in the past 3 weeks….. New England in the spring time sounds like a trip my wife would definitely want to take:)


  3. scarydba said,

    I’ll set the date with the next week. I’m going to contact Andy becuase I hear he’s coordinating scheduling of SQL Saturday’s around the SQL Rally for the southeast. Not sure if it applies to us or not, but I figured it’d be best to check in.

  4. Jack Corbett said,

    If you could do it late March or early April I would definitely come. The week before SQLRally would be very hard for me since I’m helping organize it. I really want to come to the New England event this year though.

  5. Jen McCown said,

    Sean or I would like to go, but it’ll largely depend on finances…we’re planning out next year…

  6. Mike Walsh said,

    I’ll be there ;-)

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  9. Andy Wrren said,

    Grant, same situation for me as Jack, if it’s the weekend before/after SQLRally I can’t get there. Would also be a huge plus for me if it was WARM when you held it. I’d like to take the family to Boston, but shivering while being a tourist – being from Fla ya know – just seems wrong!

  10. Jack Corbett said,

    C’mon Andy. Suck it up!


    Would be nice if it was during baseball season. Nothing like a trip to Fenway.

  11. scarydba said,

    As you know, Andy, we’ve picked a date. As far as “warm” goes, in New England terms, it’ll be warm. In Florida terms, you’re still walking in the tundra.

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