Execution Plan Resources

This page contains the common list of resources from the presentations on execution plans that I’ve given. Over time I’ll get links to the sample code and slide decks from the presentations themselves.

Web Resources

SQL Server Central
Gail Shaw’s blog
Adam Machanic’s blog
Microsoft Developers Network
Ten Common SQL Programming Mistakes

Microsoft Whitepapers and Web Sites

Statistics used by the Query Optimizer
Compilation and Caching
Showplan Security
Understanding Joins
Analyzing a Query
Database Engine Developer InfoCenter
Database Engine Architect Info Center
Forcing Query Plans


Inside SQL Server Performance Tuning and Optimization – Kalen Delaney, et al
Inside SQL Server T-SQL Querying – Itzik Ben Gan
SQL Server 2008 Transact-SQL Recipes – Joseph Sack
SQL Server Execution Plans – Grant Fritchey
SQL Server 2008 Query Performance Tuning Distilled – Grant Fritchey

Slide Decks and Sample Code

BestPracticesWorkingWithExecutionPlans.zip (rename after download. This is not a .doc file)
ScoutingOutExecutionPlans.zip (rename after download. This is not a .doc file)
MUQt.zip (rename after download. This is not a .doc file)
IdentifyingCostlyQueries.zip (rename after download. This is not a .doc file)
Fixing Execution Plans_Summit 2010 (rename after download. This is not a .doc file)


  1. Recap: #24hop (24hrs of PASS) – Day One | JohnSterrett.com said,

    […] For some samples and resources used in the demo check out his resources blog page. […]

  2. faihofu said,

    RE: “Identifying and Fixing Performance Problems using Execution Plans” – webinar – EXCELLENT !!!! – thanks for taking the time to cover the topics. !

  3. Scott McLellan said,

    Hi thanks again for the webinar yesterday, I’m new to execution plans and found the content very accessible and informative. Will you be posting the webinar recording at some time? Thanks!

  4. scarydba said,

    Thank you. I’m glad it was helpful. I won’t be posting it, but I think PragmaticWorks will. I think this link has it: http://cms.pragmaticworks.com/Videos/Default.aspx?VidID=a514b4171ac14de79c8dcece3a657f15&app

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