Multi-Statement Table Value Function Alternative

November 21, 2008 at 1:41 pm (TSQL) (, , , )

I was talking with Andrew Novick at the PASS Summit. We ended up talking about multi-statement table valued functions. I was talking about how much the performance of these things is weak (to be kind). He agreed, but suggested an alertnative that might be worth further exploration, if you really think you need multi-statement UDFs. Andrew said that in his testing, using CLR offered a great alernative to using the UDF. I’m still pretty convinced that any type of programming you’re doing on the SQL Server end that requires a UDF or CLR is probably either just TSQL gone wrong (see Jeff Moden and the RBAR concept) or it’s something that doesn’t belong on the SQL Server but instead should be done on the application layer somewhere. Still, it is an option.

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