Speaking at SNESSUG

October 13, 2010 at 3:10 pm (SNESSUG) (, )

I’ll be presenting tonight at the Southern New England SQL Server Users Group (SNESSUG). The topic is “Using DMVs as a Shortcut to Query Tuning.” It’s a practice run for my spotlight session at the PASS Summit, so if you can’t make it to the Summit, you should swing by Rhode Island.

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In the Clouds

July 14, 2010 at 7:15 am (SNESSUG) (, , , , )

The July meeting for the Southern New England SQL Server Users Group is tonight. Andrew Novick will be talking about SQL Azure. It’ll be a great meeting. Our sponsor is Red Gate. They bought pizza.

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SNESSUG 4/14/2010

April 14, 2010 at 7:32 pm (SNESSUG, Visual Studio) (, , , )

Tonight’s Southern New England SQL Server Users group is sponsored by Idera. Our presenter is Scott Abrants of Iron Mountain. He’s talking about deploying databases using Visual Studio Team System:Database Edition. We have a good turnout with 12 people (yeah, we’re small).

Scott’s presentation was a lot of fun and very informative. He’s very involved with automating his deployments to a fare-thee-well. He really has Visual Studio dancing and singing. It was a very thorough overview of the VSTS:DBE soltuion. Other user groups should be jealous that we got to see this presentation.

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Southern New England SQL Server Users Group

April 13, 2010 at 11:02 am (SNESSUG) (, , , , )

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 14th, is the next SNESSUG meeting. We’re going to get a great presentation from Scott Abrants on using Visual Studio Team System for database deployments. I saw Scott presenting this at SQL Saturday:Boston to a packed room. If you didn’t get to see it then, come on down to Rhode Island tomorrow evening. You won’t be sorry.

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SNESSUG March Meeting

March 15, 2010 at 6:17 pm (SNESSUG, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008) (, , )

Aaron Bertrand showed up to teach us tips and tricks for SQL Server Management Studio. We had to move our meeting night because of a conflict at our wonderful host, New England Tech. But we still had 12 people show up. For SNESSUG, that was a good turnout. I gave away some swag that I had received from Microsoft and some stuff that we had purchased. Bribary works (at least that’s my theory, so feel free to bribe me, whenever).

Aaron’s presentation was great. He’s just showing nothing but meat. There’s no fluff. He’s just showing a series of tips & tricks in SSMS and explains why you want to use them. First revelation, -nosplash has no effect whatsoever on load time. He called it a placebo. It just kept going from there. Aaron’s stated goal was to make everyone in the audience say “wow” or “cool” at some point during the presentation. I’m pretty sure he succeeded. The first one that got a lot of people is when he demonstrated setting the connection color so you can track different connections visually on your screen. My personal one was the Registered Servers import list so you can maintain a common list, move copies around, share registered server lists within your team… I love learning stuff at a good presentation.

Oh yeah, and everyone said “wow” or “cool” at least once.

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New England Data Camp v2/SQL Saturdy #34 Update

January 11, 2010 at 8:04 am (SNESSUG) (, , , )

The second annual New England Data Camp is shaping up to one excellent event. We’ve put together a great set of sponsors. Thanks to them we’re providing much better food than last year and the chance at a bit of swag, again, better than last year. But, most importantly, we have an excellent selection of speakers. The schedule has been posted so you can go and check it out and start laying out which ones you can hit. Some of the people speaking are known internationally (Adam Machanic, Aaron Bertrand), some are local luminaries, some are up and coming, and several are probably on the fast track to being MVP’s. In other words, this is the place to go to learn something about SQL Server in New England.

It’s not too late to register, and of course you can register at the door. It’s a free event and, as you can see, it’s going to be very educational and useful.

And don’t forget your local user groups. Southern New England SQL Server Users Group has Adam Machanic speaking this Wednesday, and on a different topic than he’s presenting at the Data Camp, so it’ll be worth visiting both.

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SQL Saturday #34/New England Data Camp v2.0

November 30, 2009 at 1:54 pm (SNESSUG, SQLServerPedia Syndication) (, , , , )

It’s official sports fans. Well, it’s been official since last week since Adam Machanic set up the web site. The New England SQL Server Users Group and the Southern New England SQL Server Users Group are again jointly hosting a full day of SQL Server goodness on January 30th. The call for sponsors and speakers is open. We already have several local luminaries lined up to present including Aaron Bertrand on Management Studio Tips & Tricks and Scott Abrants on Automating Database Deployments with Visual Studio.

Please register to spend a day with your peers, learning and networking. It’s being held at the Microsoft Waltham office, a great facility. We should have a full day with lots to do and learn.

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SNESSUG October Meeting

October 14, 2009 at 9:23 pm (PASS) (, )

The Southern New England SQL Server Users Group’s October meeting was a bit sparsely attended with 7 attendees. The sponsor for the night was ApexSQL. The presenation was by AJ Dharmapuri who spoke on using DMV’s.

Barbara Sampson, SNESSUG Treasurer, did a demo of ApexSQL’s SQLEdit. It’s a pretty powerful TSQL coding and scripting tool. There’s a lot of functionality that worked in a very snappy way during the demo and looked great. I may need to spend some time with their products to see if we can put them to work. As part of the sponsorship, we gave away a license for the Apex SQL Univeral Studio. Quite a prize.

I was very excited to see AJ’s presentation for a few reasons. First, because he presented on DMV’s, based on an article he wrote that will soon be published in SQL Server Central. Next, because AJ is presenting for the very first time (and it’s a shame he didn’t get a bigger audience). Finally, because assuming he likes it and works with it, then SNESSUG has another speaker (it’s hard to get people to speak in Rhode Island).

He was great! He broke down the discussion by identifying common situations, such as, what is running on the server right now. Based on the situation, AJ showed which DMV’s or DMF’s would help you answer the question or address the situation best. His knowledge was good, presentation skills were solid, he explained things very well and definitely said “uh” a lot less than I usually do. It was a useful bit of knowledge, well presented and well received. Congrats AJ, well done.

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SNESSUG September Meeting

October 8, 2009 at 12:31 pm (SNESSUG) (, , , , )

We had a good night with 13 people attending. I ran unopposed for president of SNESSUG for my second, and final, term. We were graced with the prescence of Jeff Moden, MVP and on of the top posters over at SQL Server Central. He was just visiting. He’s a great guy and I was very happy for the chance to meet him in person. Jeff is going to be at the PASS Summit this year, so you too can have a chance to meet him.

The presentation was on SSAS and SSRS by Sunil Kadimdiwan. He did a full introduction of cubes from Excel to Analysis Services, all with the purpose of showing how to generate good reports using Reporting Services. Attendees were very interested in some of the security settings for Analysis Services. Sunil walked us through the use of BIDS, or Business Intelligence Development Studio, to build & modify cubes.  The presentations were well received. Interestingly enough, he used very few slides and spent all his time working through examples.

Then, the fire alarm went off. We lost about 20 minutes.

Sunil came back in and finished up on Reporting Services. He’s a trooper.

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Recap of Cape Cod .NET User’s Group

September 24, 2009 at 6:28 am (PASS) (, , , )

I presented last night at the Cape Cod .NET User’s Group. What a great bunch of people. About 20 people showed up at the nice facility they’re using, Venture Think Together. A little pizza and a little chat and the meeting got started. Marcia McLean, their president, gave me a nice little introduction and I went through my slides. As I did them, I kept thinking about some of the advice offered up by Brent Ozar yesterday. Suddenly my slides seemed so wordy. It started to throw me off, but I just ignored it & plowed on. Overall, I think the presentation went well. I hit a couple of snags on some of the examples that I’m going to tweak before I present this at the PASS Summit in just a few weeks.

Thanks for having me guys. You’re invited to come see us at the Southern New England SQL Server User’s Group any time. I’ll post the slides and sample code over here after I present at PASS.

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