VSTSDBE GDR RC0: No Joy in Mudville

November 14, 2008 at 10:32 am (PASS, Tools, Visual Studio) (, , )

A few posts ago I outlined the problems I was having getting the RC0 of the GDR to deploy appropriately. I was successful in a deployment, so I thought I was done. Yesterday I went to do a run through of the presentation for PASS and my deploy failed. Despite the fact that I’m running on the same machine with the same project that worked before. I’ve now gone back through the whole process again, but I’m getting nothing but failures. It’s totally hosed. At this point, barring a miracle, I’m going to present the process and then explain that I can’t demo it because of failures.

I don’t know if it’s just a configuration issue with my virtual machine or something flawed in the release. Either way, I’m at a standstill and completely bummed. I’m going to try recreating things, but I suspect that I’m going to have to assume a failure at the conference and not run the demo.

I posted the issue and the error messages I’m getting over at the MSDN Forum for VSTSDBE


  1. DavidB said,

    Yikes, talk about pressure! Hope all goes well and that this works out.


  2. scarydba said,

    I’m only marginally freaked by the whole thing. After all, I know it works, so not being able to push the button isn’t that big a deal. It worked in CTP 17 and a couple of the guys from MS confirmed that it’s working in the new code base. So I can talk around the last step. But still…

  3. Gail said,

    Any way you can install CTP 17 (maybe in a virtual) for the demos?

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